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DotLine - designed for maximal efficiency and perfect overview


CTP 4.0

The internet of things is a growing trend for the industry. Now also Dotline provides a solution for prepress applications on that domain, with a special attention on whose going to profit on that technology... our customers.

Advanced Customer Care

Our predictive maintenance system to provide the best possible support for our customers
  • Fastest service reaction
    when problems occur, your service contractor can already analyze your issues by remote. Save time and costs if common issues can already be solved by remote, without having unnecessary chargeable service on site.
  • Be the first in line
    by sending your machine data to your service contractor he is able to provide you with the necessary software updates and improvements to maximize your productivity. Because he already knows what’s wrong when it is wrong.
  • Talk the same language
    Due to your data your service contractor can understand the issues much better what prevents you from unnecessary long explaining phone calls
  • More time for productivity
    the machine data helps your service contractor to plan and execute your machine service on maximum level of efficiency. Technicians save time on your site and create the focus on the items to be done to get machines back up and running in the shortest possible time.
Software predictive maintenance


Always keep an eye on the status of your CTP lines. With Dotline LIVE! this subject becomes an easy task from any windows based PC within your company network. Dotline LIVE! is free of charge for all customers particpating at the Avancede Customer Care program.
  • Actual status information of each CTP (e.g. how many plates of certain type are still loaded)
  • Real time exposure information*
  • Full production line information (also processor and punch- bender)
  • True man less production - your operator may be anywhere
  • Unlimited number of connected clients
  • History of exposed files and their exposure result.
  • In case of errors, see the message before you go to the machine and save time (e.g. if you know in advance that the cassette is empty, directly take filled one from the storage with you)
  • Portable version for Windows Tablets avaiable
DotLine Live! Tablet
Further informations to this product are avaiable in our download area.
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