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Solutions for prepress applications

Made in Germany

DotLine GmbH - CTP development professionals.
We are driven by our enthusiasm for high-technology and by our quest to deliver the best customer service possible.
Laser technology, high speed data transfer, linear motor technology, Nanometer positioning, high-end precision optics, finest analog electronic,...
Our goal is to develop new and better solutions.
Let our team spirit, experience and our persuit of innovative ideas work for you to ensure you investments.
We are going further with our development and design of the CTP┬│ technology.
Everything is developed by our own knowledge.

Plenty famous companies and institutes, even in CTP-technology, order us to develop solutions for them. Confidence and correctness, reliability and fairness are the principles and fundament of that collaboration.
DotLine - facility in Bielefeld
Dotline GmbH
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 49
D-33719 Bielefeld
DotLine GmbH Bielefeld
Phone +49 521 238312 - 0
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