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Plate-loading-concepts for CTP-imagers


Palette loading system for Dotline newspaper CTP plate setter

for highest productivity

Palette loader for VMAX

The most flexible and best to handle system on the market

Palette loading delivers the advantage for your productivity
  • day light capable --> palette does not need to be unpacked inside machine
  • up to 3000 plates per autoloader direcly accessible (up to 6000 plates in double loader configuration)
  • support plate formats up to 625mm x 826mm(625mm x 409mm in Single format)
  • mixed cassette operation --> Loader can work with pallette cassettes as well as with standard cassettes
  • plate format/ cassette change over within less than 2 minutes

DotLine VMAX Autoloader

Palette Loading

Maximum capacity - easiest handling

With the innovative cassette system, using plates on palette is now as easy as with the Dotline standard cassette.
  • Easy loading within your yellow light room
    • unpack palette and attach dotline stack holder to plate stacks
    • elevate palette with lift truck or fork lift and roll cassette underneath the palette
    • settle palette and close the cassette
      -->Your printing plates can now be easily transported, even under daylight
  • When your loaded palette is depleted, simply change over to the next cassette. You could use the Dotline standard cassette as well as another palette cassette. So your CTP System can continue production within shortest possible break time, while you can prepare the next palette.  

Further informations to this product are avaiable in our download area.
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