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Development of software, eletronics, optical systems

our R & D strenght is driven by the enthusiam for innovation. And this is not only for the scope of CTP.
We are also always looking for customer specific development request and gladly guide our customers with our interdisciplinary knowledge.

Elektronic development

In terms of electronic development we cover all kinds of branches from power electronics to FPGA designs. From the idea to the handover of engineering data we work out a solution according to your demands.
The philosophy of Dotline is to keep a high degree of own technology within products. The advantage is obvious : optimized costs and independancy to price policy and life cycles of third party products. You decide how long your product will be avaiable and prevent externally forced redesigns. We offer schematic and PCB design in Eagle and Altium Designer.
In addition you can also revert to our existing PCB portfolio, a modular system where most common industrial tasks are covered. Some examples are :
  • Image processor for direct laser modulation (>100MHz) including correction data creation for scanning systems
  • modular 24V I/O controller
  • intelligent 24V BDC motor controller
  • high voltage piezo amplifier
Please contact us for further information.
Image procesor board

Software development

At Dotline commonly all software products are in-house developments. Therefore our development team is experienced in several programming languages and areas of expertise. We gladly deploy our expertise to offer you the best possible software solution according to your needs. We develop for you:
  • Windows based applications and modules (Delphi, C++,C#)
  • Raspberry applications (Delphi)
  • Microcontroller systems( C, Assembler)
  • FPGA and CPLD based systems (VHDL programming and simulation for Altera, Xilinx, Lattice)
  • VHDL-IP-core development (SDRAM controller, UART controller, I2C-Bus controller,...)

development screen

Mechanical design

Dotline offers 3D design for several mechanical scopes. From filligree precision mechanics to sheet metal construction we offer possibilities to transform your ideas into your product. Assembly by our expirienced team is also optional. You decide if you only need a design or a system supplier.
linear drive

Development of optical systems

Laser beam polygon
The development of optical systems is a central core competence at Dotline. A high degree of in-house development and many years of experience are guarantor that we will also find the correct solution for your demands. We provide optical calculation, design and complete assembly.
Laser systems, high dynamic beam micro positioning  as well as high speed scanning systems are some examples for our developments.
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